Laree's Greatest Hits

by Larée H. Cisco

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released September 6, 2019


all rights reserved


Track Name: Cake and Death
What will is cost you?
Probably your life
Existence is so precious
But we live to die
Daily decay always coming your way

But here’s another theory
To stop all the fuss
Ozone disappears
We return to dust
Morbid wordplay, so macabre
Uh huh

So don’t be sad my friend
You may die so good you’ll make front page
Here’s the best part
They’ll be cake at your home coming
Don’t be sad my friend
They will finally see all that you have done

Well suicidal thoughts?
Hey just wait awhile
Maybe if you’re
Lucky you’ll go out with style
Save your pout and just work it out

Details of demise
With precision thought
Check my inventory
Make sure death was brought
Morbid wordplay so macabre
Uh huh

Track Name: I'm Yours (You're Mine)
And I feel like I’m on fire because
I’m yours
I’m yours
And you’re mine

Make the flames go higher because
I’m yours
I’m yours
And you’re mine

I was this lonely pitiful man
You saw my sorrow and took my hand
You said baby everything will be fine

You showed me the world from a different view
The first time we kissed that’s when I knew
That I was yours and you’re mine
You’re mine

I’m yours and you’re mine

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